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  • Save Properties

    Receive notifications when there are price changes or status changes to your saved properties.

  • Open House Tracker

    Be notified immediately about open houses.

  • New to Market Notification

    Be notified when a property that matches your criteria hits the market.

  • Status Change Notification

    Be notified when the status of home you are interested in changes.

  • Price Change Notification

    Be notified when the price of a home you are interested changes.

Open House Tracker

Would you like to be able to walk through homes for sale at your leisure? Our Property Watch will help you stay on top of the open houses on the market

New to Market Notification

Unless you want to conduct searches every day, you will not be able to stay on top of houses that hit the market that also meet your search criteria without a tool like our Property Watch.

Image Change Notification

Often, more photos will be added to properties that you are interested in as they stay on the market. Photos are great for giving you a good feel of the home before making the decision to see it. Our Property Watch will keep you notified of any new images added to saved properties.

Status Change Notification

Maybe there is a home under contract that you know you would be interested in if it came back on the market. Our Property Watch can help you keep track of multiple homes under contract that may come back on the market and will quickly notify you when they do.

Price Change Notification

Whether you want to save a list of properties to watch that are just out of your price range, or just keep a simple eye on the market, Property Watch can help. Every time the price changes on any property in your saved search criteria you get an e mail notification! A simple, easy and effective way to let us do the work for you.

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