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Mans Best Friend . . . .

Coldwell Banker Premier Group - Adopt a Pet Program
Posted by Norman Polsky on November 25, 2015 in What is a Home in Saint Louis

Get ready . . . . coming this spring Coldwell Banker Premier Group will be sponsoring a an Adopt a Pet Program in conjuction with a number of animal shelters in the St Louis area . . . 

Just click on the link belwo to get a flavor of what we do . . . .
(All the pets in this video were adopted)


Just copy and paste this link to your browser if it doed not open on its own

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Football and Thanksgiving

Just click on the Link below . . .
Posted by Norman Polsky on November 23, 2015 in Fun in Saint Louis Missorui


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The Smart Home . . .

The Future is Now
Posted by Norman Polsky on November 19, 2015 in  Real Estate News Stories
There’s No Place Like Home Smart Home by David Marine The smart home. You can’t read a magazine, blog or visit Amazon.com without being reminded how our homes are getting smarter and smarter with each new device that comes to market. From Nest thermostats controlled with your phone to light bulbs that play music to refrigerators that you can text to make more ice, our homes are more connected than ever before. At Coldwell Banker, we saw this as a huge opportunity to once again lead our industry. Not onl... read more
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Home Marketing Report

. . . . Which Compares Market Values in Over 2700 Different Communities
Posted by Norman Polsky on November 12, 2015 in  Real Estate News Stories

Just take look at the following short video


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Looking For a Home? . . . .____________________

How About the World Most Expensive House?
Posted by Norman Polsky on October 02, 2015 in  Real Estate News Stories
COLDWELL BANKER PREVIEWS INTERNATIONAL® World’s Most Expensive Homes: Cannes, France Welcome to Cannes. You know the film festival. You’ve dreamed of the beaches. But today you can experience what it feels like to call Cannes home. _____________________________________________________________________ In the World’s Most Expensive Homes series from Coldwell Banker Real Estate, we’ve taken you inside some of the most amazing properties on planet Earth. From the Versace Mansion, to the Virg... read more
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